Luna Curation

Little Things

Some of us may have the habbit of
keeping little things

Little Things let you explore a subtle
collection of daily unnoticable objects.


Some things we keep in our house are just useless. We throw them in the bottom of the drawer or leave them in an unnoticeable corner. Days after days they just be covered dust. Someday, when your friends accidently notice them and ask “why you still keep this?”, you probably just shrug and answer “I don’t know. I just like to keep it.”

But to be honest, there are some reasons that you keep these seem-to-be useless and meaningless things. In the page, collections curated by Luna Wei that she would “just like to keep it” will be presented. Some of them might be personal, some others may you can relate.

Scroll down to explore the collection Things Keeper.

Collection Contents

Extra Cloth


Some Coins

(Good Looking)
Packs and Bags

A Glow Stick

A Cork

Coca Cola and
Pepsi bottles

Extra Cloth

Pieces of denim and strips of cloth. They all look like be roughly cut of from a whole piece of something. You can clearly see the denim is cut from the edge of the jeans.

“I always think probably someday I can make good use of them to make a bag or other handcrafts. However it’s never done till now. Hopefully I can turn them into something useful one day.”


An orange and purple clay piece with the shape of a human body. Anyway the face of the piece looks kind of bizarre and non-human. Its surface is pretty rough. Looks like it’s made in a rush.

“Not wanting to waste any clay material at the end of an art class, I planned to made a rabbit modelled on the sticker on the back of my phone. Sadly due to my physical unintelligence, it is made into this… whatever you called. To be honest, it is too ugly to be hated and somehow I feel it’s even adorable.

Some Coins

Real Australian dollar coins. Some of them have colourful surfaces; Some look really aged and are covered with dust.

“They are money! Not useless at all! But I keep them unused because, the dates on some of them are the birth year of my friends or families back in China and I think they may be a nice souvenir for them; some of them are just pretty old that can be dated back to 1960s or something and that attract me coz in China we don’t see coins that aged; others just colourful and I think they are pretty.”

(Good-Looking) Packs and Bags

Packs and bags in various materials. Some are obviously well-designed and adorable; others just normal bags but look very tough and can be reused for several times.

“I keep them because I guess it’s part of my Chinese trait that most of us like to keep the bags for reuse. Good for our earth! Some others are the packs for online goods and are carefully designed that I think it is worthwhile to keep them. Oh, and here is some bubble paper… well, if you know you know.”

A Glow Stick

An orange but no-longer-be-able-to-glow glow stick. On one side there is written words: “I’m gonna drop this by 2020”

“I got this once I was in a club and at the entrance the staff said ‘put it on if you are single’. I remember the whole nights couples and couples throw them up in the air. Though I couldn’t be like them that night but I swore to God I gotta get rid of this symbol of single by 2020 and so I wrote down the words. However, it’s nearly 2020 but I still kept it hanging on the edge of my dashboards.”

A Cork

A cork with a drawn sticker-man on it.

“Once I tried to celebrated the submission of a big assignment by drinking alcohol at home. I thought I bought an ordinary wine but it turned out to be a champagne. I got scared when the cork popped out but it turned out to be quite cubby and looks like a cutie little human. So I drew a smiling face and arms on it and keep it somewhere. They say alcohol represents grown-up but this cork obviously tells a different story.”

Hearts From Boba Tea

Red plastic heart shapes with round base to wrap the boba tea cups properly.

“At first I imagined it would look great if they fill up the whole Coca Cola bottle coz they are both solid red. Then I just realized they actually remind me how much boba tea I’ve already drunk and the rsik of getting fat if I keep drinking them and collet the hearts. So then I stop collecting them tho I do not give up drinking boba.”

Coca Cola and Pepsi Bottles

One glass bottle of Coca Cola filled with boba tea hearts and piggy toys; another is an empty Pepsi bottle. Their colours seem really matched.

“I want to keep these two bottles because, just like said on the cap of the Coca Cola bottle – they are ‘classic’. Their nostalgic vibe is extremely attracting.”